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what past clients had to say

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By the end of the shoot, I felt so empowered and beautiful it was definitely worth it

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Amanda helped me bring the power back to myself just through what may seem like a simple photo shoot

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I think it’s special how easy going you make it for women like me and not so intimidating or awkward

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Frequently Asked Questions



  • Worried about hair and makeup? Sit back and relax it's provided for your session

  • If you have nothing to wear you have access to my client closet

  • Don't know how to pose? Every shoot you have ever seen was all POSED BY ME! All you need to do is take simple directions and if you can do that, YOU CAN DO THE SHOOT

  • When your session is complete come back 4-7 days AFTER to view your best images and pick your products

    Individual session fee $250
   Couples session fee $350

If you are interested in booking a Boudoir Session with me, there are a few things to know first.